The WOA TV Show is bi monthly television show that showcases breakthrough Independent artists and bands. With distribution deals in place with cable and satellite networks, the WOA TV Show opens up international markets to exceptional independent artists.

The brand new WOA TV Show Season 5 is scheduled to launch in April. The new format of the show will include exceptional Independent Artists’ - music videos, live concert/live performance videos and artist interviews (remote & in studio)

We are looking for high quality music videos and live concert performance videos (one song). The production team, at their discretion will also choose artists from the show, for exclusive TV interviews (over Skype/Zoom) .

The WOA TV Show is produced by the same award winning team that produces the WOAFM99 Radio Show.

WOAFM99 the radio show and podcast hosted by Multiple Billboard top 10 and MTV EMA Nominated Artist & Producer Oliver Sean has been featuring breakthrough Independent musicians from around the world consistently for years. The WOA team have recently started bringing on exceptional indie acts on the show for live interviews and jams for their listeners who are hardcore independent music fans. This has been a winning formula for both the WOA Entertainment Group and the independent musicians that are featured on the show. As of the start of this year, featured WOAFM99 artists have hit the iTunes charts across the US, UK and Canada every week after being featured on the WOAFM99 Radio Show.

The success that Independent artists have had with the backing of the WOAFM99 Radio Show has pushed the WOA Entertainment team to announce the launch of Season 5 of their WOA TV Show, which is a platform for independent musicians to showcase their high end music videos and live performance videos. The USP of the WOA TV show has always been Real Independent Musicians being showcased with top quality music video and live concert videos that don’t get support from mainstream media simply because these artists have chosen the Independent path rather than signing over to a major label.

WOA TV also have distribution deals in place with cable and satellite television networks worldwide where the show is distributed for free thus giving independent musicians a massive viewership and opening new markets for their music.

“I am very excited about the new WOA TV Show season launching in April” says WOAFM99 Host and Multiple Billboard Top 10 Artist/Producer Oliver Sean, “these platforms created by WOA Entertainment are a game changer in the music industry, giving Independent Artists much needed support and is creating a kind of level playing field in the music industry, that is choked by the majors and their hold on mainstream radio and tv”

Since the start of 2021 WOA Artists have hit the iTunes Charts every week after being featured on the WOAFM99 Radio Show, which is distributed worldwide reaching far corners of the globe, promoting these independent musicians who are at the top of their game.

The new season of the WOA TV Show and the on going WOAFM99 Radio Show is expected to introduce breakthrough artists to fans around the world and bring new names to the mainstream charts, something WOA Artists now have a reputation for.

Fans can discover fantastic independent artists and bands on the WOAFM99 Radio Show every Friday online at and offline on public radio. The podcast of the show also streams across all major streaming services including Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Audible etc.

The new WOA TV Show will be available for streaming on and across various local TV networks starting in April. Stay tuned to for schedules, partner networks and up to the minute details. Artists can submit their videos here on MusicXray.

Team WOA