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Accepting songs for

New Season  of the

WOAFM99 Radio Show

Do you have a  song you want to get on Commercial radio? Submit your single today for the WOAFM99 Radio Show and get guaranteed radio rotation on commercial radio if your song is approved.


Submit your song today and if selected you will get radio rotation on the WOAFM99 radio show, - licensed to commercial radio stations. All Genres are accepted.


If you have a song appropriate for radio be sure to send it in and open up these large emerging music markets to your music. You can submit covers if you have obtained the licenses to record the song.


There is a basic 15 USD priority submission fee to submit your song for the WOAFM99 Radio Show. There are no other costs to the artist for getting airplay aside from this priority submission fee. Find out more about the radio show here.


- The W.O.A Radio Team






IMPORTANT: After you pay the submission fee please send your song as an mp3 file to the submissions team at along with the payment transaction ID 

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